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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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16th on mission and our community meetings are held the third wednesday of every month and that concludes my report. >> thank you and i also just want to thank all of our summer interns that came to join us today at our board of directors meeting. it's really great to meet you individually and hear about what you're learning in summer internship. it's great to know that we have san francisco natives that are part of building the new skyline and i hope many of you go into the work of continuing to build the city. it's just very exciting to see you all here so welcome again so seeing nothing else for item five we will move on to item six public comment. >> item six is an opportunity to address you on items not on the agenda. [calling speaker names] >> good morning directors and executive director kaplan. i am
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ht tran and work with anvil builders and a minority owned business in the bay view district i want to thank you for the opportunities you made available to my company and for me a disabled veteran of the iraqi war. i want to stress how important it is to engage veterans and business owners. we are grateful for the transit center projects. we were awarded a nine proint $2 million contract and hoist for the project and we pursued this project and built with other veterans at the outreach events of the tjpa. as an entrepreneur and veteran i can't tell you how important to get a meaningful opportunity for this project of this caliber. we grew from 10 employees to 50 now and we have
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other competitive contracts that we experienced here in the city and county of san francisco meeting with other contractors large and small who are becoming our teammates and clients and i want to mention webcor/obayashi and turner construction have been incredible mentors to our firm. working with this program has help us overcome the challenge of working on large and complex projects and we were able to hire additional veterans to work in office of economic and workforce development and on the trances bay project. >> >> so i want to know the tjpa is making a difference to real people to veterans looking to serve the country in a new and meaningful way. i want to thank director kaplan because without your commitment to this project we wouldn't have grown as much. i hope other agencies in san
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francisco will follow her lead and support veterans in our community. >> thank you. thank you for attending our meeting. [inaudible] lawrence. >> ladies and gentlemen of the audience and commissioners, chair kim and maria ayerdi-kaplan good morning. i am mr. lawrence and been in the city and county of san francisco for 45 years. i have been a taxi driver for the last 16 years in the city. i am not here to disrupt the meeting or so-called financial issues but i am here to present facts that in five observations at this commission that i have noticed there isn't one discussion of the taxi issues. number one is this is that over the past four
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years the sfmta has taken over the taxi commission and we have chaos today. anybody that wants to get into the car can be a taxi driver and go up to the new terminal and pick up passengers. if you look around the area and the hotels and taxi planning never took place. the only place i see it in the city and county is sfo and partially in the embarcadero but not completely. i consider this trans bay project equivalent to the embarcadero center, one, two, three and basically where you have no taxi plan whatsoever. two, is briefly i make this statement because i have applied for the taxi director position four times in 10 years and -- [inaudible] to
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this commission but you're talking about kronism is taking over the sfmta. mr. reiskin can ask you about cost over returns as he triples the prices for taxi drivers in this city and we don't have a level playing field. i come also as a veteran and not hard hat vets or working with the commission or sftta or city and county of san francisco and caltrans and i don't see evidence of that. there are veterans with administrative background, mbas in finance and real estate, et cetera but just to give you a quick bounce off this. i have two things before you. i have a foi to find out all of the businesses related that were handed out the
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feinstein [inaudible] over the last 10 years and two the sfmta published this four years ago. it's about 400 pages and in the 400 pages they published they left out 19 pages of documents that i gave them. the power of denial. i thank you for your time. >> thank you. can you clarify whether it's for tjpa? >> i have copies for you as well. >> in the future though i would appreciate public limited to items in this agency which is the transbay joint powers authority. thank you. >> it's ted olson that would like to address you next. >> chairman and directors i am ted olson the newly elected chairman of the community
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advisory committee and i come before you only if you have any questions you wish to ask of us. bruce ag et, the vice chair and myself have committed to the acc that we will attend all these meetings and be available to you. >> thank you. director harper. >> yeah. this reminds me of the difference i was going to bring up here which at the alameda transportation commission that i sit on the advisory committee -- we have three our four of them actually, paratransit, all of the different aspects of transportation but the citizens advisory committee have a slotd -- they don't always showum and give a report but they know it's expected of them if there is something they want to say and i think that might be a nice addition here to just know that mr. olson has a spot. >> absolutely.
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>> and if he's got something to say come in and say it because there is a spot we want to hear from citizens. he's not an ordinary citizen. he's president of the citizens advisory committee. >> absolutely. we will provide a recurring slot for the chairperson. >> thank you. >> if you wish to note we did create several subcommittees so we could focus as effectively as possible on all of the issues confronting you. we had a success meeting as we did before with many of the questions you're asking, and we did have one instance where the discussion -- public discussion was contentious so consequently i have drafted a statement they will read to the public before each meeting and if becomes
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contentious the person will lose that turn and we will move on, but other than that i think it was very successful. we will be meeting with scott -- by the way scott gave an absolutely subbesh discussion of the financing, the history behind it. we will be meeting with scott to see if we can create a prepackage study so that we can focus our questions faster and secondly supervisor kim you would be interested to know that three of your constituents were at the meeting. they had two things in particular that they wanted us to note. number one that they have the fewest number of parks of any place -- of any district in the city and they want us to be cognizant of that, and number two in terms of the rooftop park they were very concerned about
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the tax burden they might have relative to the 19 buildings tall skyscrapers that would be surrounding it and they wanted something equitable in financing, particularly for the two that are abutting -- abridging to the rooftop park and therefore likely to have greater use of it. those are the main points. >> thank you mr. olson. i would be happy to add an additional item to our regular board meeting so that the cac has a regular opportunity to report back to the board of directors as they would like to and whether it's you or voice -- vice chair that comes and we also have the smaller parks in san francisco. .6 acres per resident compared to district 2 and has much more per acre and
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we are working with the director and the mayor's office to make sure it opens with the terminal. >> thank you and i want to congratulate maria and the staff. we are committed to them and consider it an honor to be on the advisory committee. >> thank you mr. olson. >> and you have [inaudible] >> thank you i don't know if this is going to work. first of all i would like to welcome mr. nuru. welcome to the party. it's great to have you here and i would like to congratulate director reiskin for the delivery of the central subway tunnels on budget and on time and i hope you can learn something there. i hope you can see this. you cannot. what i was hoping to show you is the track layout in the alternate
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alignment in the trans bay tunnel box which will make it possible for us to basically -- tracks between beale and main street and go across the bay. the reason i am bringing that up today earlier during the construction update mr. rural showed the construction -- there was fuel, oil tank and a water tank, and if i can -- if this comes up i can -- [inaudible] does this come up any better? no it doesn't, but the blue line that you see over there what we have to do to make it possible to have the tracks we have to push the platforms nearly all the way up to mr. patrick's building and right now the problem is the storage tanks are on top of the other
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platform and that's an issue. the last point i would like to bring up it's strange to me that we should have -- i mean i understand that you need fuel to power the stand by generators but it's strange that you would position the fuel tank outside of the entrance of the tunnel and i don't know why that didn't show up when the subject matter experts looked at it and if they had comments about this location. thank you. >> that concludes the members of the public that wanted to address you under that item. >> thank you. let's move on to our regular calendar. i think given our discussion earlier i would like to call item 7 through 11 together. >> we actually have a member that is going to recuse himself from one of the items. >> that was item 11 director
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reiskin so let's call seven through 10. >> item 7 is contract numbers authorizing webcor/obayashi to a troid a sub contribute to sheedy drayage company for roof top cranes and not to exceed 11.5 million over four years and the costs and authorizing construction services by $874,000. item 8 is approving amendment for the same contract to anvil builders for the facilities not to exceed amount listed and the costs by the same amount and the construction services as listed. item 9 is approving amendment to that same contract to award a contract to olson and company steel as responsible bidders with the lowest bid in the amount listed for contract number listed
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metal stair and ladders and authorizing cost by that amount and the construction services fixed fee by amount listed. item 10 is amending the same contract schindler elevator corporation for the negotiated amount as listed for contract escalators thereby increasing the direct costs by that same amount and the construction fees by amount listed and no members of the public have addressed you on those items. >> that was a lot of word. thank you very much. director harper. >> madam chair i just have a comment on item 7 of a policy that we have. when we do get competitive responses bidding and there is an evaluation on different factors they show the
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board the score because what the board appreciates is seeing the relative levels of weight because sometimes they will well only 20% was weighted on cost and 80% on more fermorral things and technical merit things. i find that interesting just to get an idea how staff is weighing these things before they say here's the award and i think that would be a good policy for us to have when we have the evaluation and everything let's see the scores because that will tell us the weighting and give us an idea how staff is thinking when they do have competitive bids. >> okay. >> we can include that. >> director reiskin. >> just one question on the temporary facilities which doesn't seem like it's necessarily that unique of scope of work. why do we think we
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only had one bidder? >> it's actually about three reasons that we thought we would have more. we did have 100% f.t.e. on it so that was one component. also the fact thattan vil was on site already. the fact they were there and a known entity to other bidders. the temporary facilities which is a wide range -- because you can imagine it's logistical. with a very hot market a lot of the small businesses are going to the other projects, our neighbors, our competition. >> why did we need do this as 100% sbe. >> it was felt it was a good opportunity for small business. it's not a low bid so it gives the opportunity -- a small business to shrink and swell based on that. he doesn't have
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a full staff and we can modify that time and material based to work with a small business. they figured this was a good one to utilize for that. >> okay. and just to director harper's point i think it would be interesting to see what is underlying. if we see it as the award is recommended it's purely informational because i don't think it would be appropriate or timely for us to say well we want you to change the weighting and recalculate because that weighting is how they're advertising as well, so unless we were going to get notification with the advertisement happening which is a time to weigh in i'm not sure if it would make a lot of difference. i think most of this is low bid so it doesn't matter a lot. >> it indicates to the staff and the board's idea and versus cost and other factors and after a while staff gets an idea where
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the board is at how to weight a service versus materials, that sort of thing. >> director sartipi. >> so it's just time and material what is the actual bid item? >> they're bidding on labor. the bid is more of qualifications so they're based on what they have done in the past, what they can bond for, based on safety records, based on various components and when we receive a proposal and go into it they have a negotiation for the rates, the overhead, the various components of it and not to exceed value was assigned to it for that amount and facilities that webcor envisions for a building as large as this
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is and it's based more on qualifications. >> thank you. >> any other questions or comments? >> i move approval. >> so there's a motion. >> second. >> and a second. is there any public comment on item 7-10? seeing none roll call on this item -- items. >> director nuru. >> aye. >> director reiskin. >> aye. >> vice chair harper. >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is four aye's and those items are approved. we am go ahead and call item 11 which sarks proving an amendment to contract authorizing webcor/obayashi to award a contract to otis elevator as the sole bidder for amount listed for lel vaitors and authorizing drengt costs in that amount and the construction and as listed
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and no members of the public have indicated they wish to speak. >> thank you can we have a motion to recuse director reiskin? we have a motion and a second. we can take that. so are there any questions or comments on this item? seeing none. is there any public comment on this item? seeing no public comment -- >> i do have one. >> director harper. >> i am glad to see we're looking at the maintenance contracts afterwardses and evaluating those but we have to keep in mind when we do that the relationship with warranty and maintenance and also for the deliverables they're not maintaining afdz that should
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change in terms of the information and what comes when from when they provide a completed contract and at least as far as the bus business goes one of the reasons that you get a maintenance contract in addition to just the bus buy is because the feds will treat that as capital allowance for a few years. okay. you get a maintenance contract or something. i don't know if that applies to things that we're doing so even when we're doing that what we're doing is essentially foregoing something that wasn't allowable capital expense and shifting it to an operating expense which you know if that is the case there's a trade off for doing this, so i just -- i don't know how we balance all those things but they all need to be balanced in terms of the long-term picture
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because operating money will be as scarce five years from now if not more scarce than capital money is today and we want to make sure we're not really selling our seat corn or -- eating our seat corn. >> yeah. that is an important point that merits a response. >> actually director harper the maintenance budget -- costs coming out of the operation budget and not the capital budget. >> and it always was because it didn't qualify for capital expense? >> we never budgeted the maintenance portion as part of the budget. >> sometimes with capital federal things sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. i don't know. >> sara [inaudible] from tjpa. we're not receiving those funds to use them for that. >> all right. that answers that concern. >> thank you for your
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question. do we have a motion on this item? >> so moved. >> second. >> we have a motion and a seconds. can we take a roll call? >> director nuru aye with director reiskin abstaining. director harper. >> aye. >> and chair kim. >> aye. >> that is three aye's and item 11 is approved. >> thank you. can we call the next item. >> item 12 is authorizing the executive director to authorize amendments for state advocacy services for mercury and [inaudible] >> and hello directors. the item seeks to extend for one year the contracts in place with mercury townsend affairs and --
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if this item is approves we have the option to extend for one additional year before they're up for renewal. we work with mercury and ton send on you -- townsend on a variety of proposals and grant applications. they attend regular meetings for us in sacramento and report back. they bring key and legislative officials to the site for visits and tjpa events and we have with us paul bower from mercury public affairs and richard from townsend public affairs. >> thank you. is the firm that we work with to do the state legislative advocacy? >> yes, ma'am. >> any other questions or comments on this item?
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>> move approval. >> we have a motion and a second. is there any public comment on this councilmember? >> no -- >> director. >> aye. >> vice chair harper. >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is four aye's and item 12 is approved. go ahead and call the next item. 13 is approving local support for filing of application for mpc for the active transportation program for the transit center and transportation and bicycle safety and improvements project. >> and scott will also report. >> directors this is a standard part of the application process to require this type of resolution of local support. we are seeking funds from mtc through the active transportation program, the t a
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program and we are submitting an application that would seek 2.9 million in funding for various bicycle and pedestrian related components of the new transit center. >> thank you. any questions or comments on this item? seeing none public comment. >> no members of the public to address you on that item. >> thank you. do we have a motion on this item? >> so moved. >> >> we have a motion and a second. roll call. >> director. >> yes. >> director. >> vice chair. >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is approved. next item is item 14 and no members to address you on this item for the board minutes. >> any comments on this item
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for the minutes? director nuru would you like to abstain? >> yes, i wasn't here. >> we have a motion and a second. >> do we have a second? >> second. >> public comment on this item. >> none. >> roll call. >> director nuru abstaining. director reiskin. >> aye. >> vice chair harper. >> aye. >> director reiskin. >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> call the final item. >> next item is memo of appreciation for mike rizzo. >> i have been working on this project and mike worked on the project then i can't tell you how helpful he was work with the project and helping move it along through the various stages working on the financial
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components. of course you know we have agreements with properties and landfills, putting together the agreements, et cetera and he was an invaluable asset i know i'm going to personally miss him as our staff and we wanted to extend our appreciation and best wishes to him as he moves into his next stage so thank you mike for all your support and help and we wish you the very best. >> i see him in the audience so i wanted to give him an opportunity to speak to the board. we have a resolution of appreciation for you. i know that we have also a relationship as well, not just on trans bay but the soma redevelopment area plan as well and it's been incredible to work with you and one thing i can say you are persistent in making sure that the goals of the redevelopment area plans are achieved and i certainly got to experience that
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on a number of projects throughout district 6, but it was really important i think to have your level of advocacy and lobbying especially with the -- [inaudible] following the disillusionment of the state agency through state action and one particular item that we worked on was the police sub station and it was quite a bit of advocacy over two years but you were a key piece of that and we worked with the director who made that happen quickly and had a tremendous impact on the neighborhood and every time i am on 6th street residents are thanking our office for the establishment of the sub station or the state hub and you were a leader making sure we were all working to make that project en